I provide one-on-one transformation sessions using Reiki, FaeryLight, Intuitive Energy Medicine, and Kinesiology to help you balance your body's energy fields. Since all dis-ease is caused by energy imbalance at the cellular level, once your energies are balanced, you can heal yourself, often instantly. People heal by setting the intention to heal and doing some ritual to signify their intent. That ritual can be anything from antibiotics and surgery, to acupuncture and Reiki.

Intuitively, I design custom energywork sessions (rituals) to support your intentions for personal growth and healing. The beauty of energywork is that there are no conditions to keep you from healing. Other modalities may have beliefs that slow or prevent your healing.


Typical session goals include:

Relaxation: General balancing of your energy fields at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Dis-ease transcendence: Learning from and letting go of a specific dis-ease (cold/flu symptoms, injury, cancer, etc...).

Trauma transcendance: Learning from and letting go of emotional traumas (rape, grief, performance anxiety, accidents, depression, etc...).

Transition support: Helping you find peace and clarity in times of change (relationship, career, home, breaking addiction, etc...).

Typical session formats include assessment, education, and transformation! Typical session results include deep inner peace, clarity, empowerment, and an occasional miraculous healing! (smile!)


A session starts with an oral/written intake to determine what your goal is for how you would like to BE! Depending on your needs and desires, we can then start on your energetic transformation or do further assessment to determine what is blocking you energetically.

If you have a preference for mode of treatment, we determine that as well.

If warranted, we can use kinesiology to find out from your body what causes your dis-ease: physical factors, like radiation, dental work,  or chemicals; social factors like work or relationships; emotional factors past and present; food factors like type, assmilation, microwave; and hereditary/genetic factors.


I can teach you about your body as a field of energy. I demonstrate through kinesiology (muscle testing) that you are a field of energy affected by thoughts, emotions, and experiences. I show you simple exercises to enhance your immune system and relieve stress.

I also offer a variety of classes in healing arts to help empower you on your life's journey. Classes currently include all levels of traditional Reiki; basic tools for self healing; and erotic energywork training. Future classes will include FaeryLight and training in crystals and earth energies.


Using the powerful tools of Reiki, Intuitive Energy Medicine, and FaeryLight, we can then help you remember your innate wisdom to heal yourself by letting go of energetic blocks and traumas so you can find the deep inner peace and wisdom to heal yourself. Work is usually done on a massage table and may include the gentle touch of Reiki and FaeryLight, the spoken harmonics of Intuitive Energy Medicine, guided meditaion and affirmation, laying of stones, and sound therapy. Sometimes you find the next step to take in life for your desired transformation. Sometimes healing is instaneous.


Intention Guidance/Metaphysical Counseling: this is usually a small to large part of any session, wherein we discuss your intention... what you would like different in your life. Since form follows thought, helping you shift your mental story is a large part of any transformation. In the least, your consciousness forms the lens by which you see the world, and in the most, it creates your world.

Reiki: I usually start with discussing your intention. Then move into working with Reiki energies. As well as laying of hands, I also work in your aura and energy body. I often employ crystals and stones, chanting and toning, rattles and bells, and breath to move energy blocks. People have described my sessions as shamanic in nature becuase some of the techniques I employ resemble those of the shaman.

Kinesiolgy (muscle testing): I usually combine muscle testing with another modality, as the muscle testing is merely a diagnostic tool that taps into your body's wisdom to determine the metaphysical cause of any imbalance. But we can also use kinesiology for purposes of divination to assess the best path for you to take regarding some choice of options in your life.

Intuitive Energy Medicine Treatment: a complete assessment and thorough energy rebalancing at the cellular level. Includes training of simple techniques you can use at home (energy balancing/ immune enhancing exercises, DNA reprogramming/ meditation), radiation shielding, chemical detoxification, electro-magnetic shielding, immune enhancement, structural alignment, and trauma release. This treatment sets in motion a complete restructuring of your body at the cellular level on a priority basis.

Immune Enhancement: a one-hour IEM mini-sessions in which we assess your immune system, teach you simple immune enhancing exercises, do a brief stress release, and immune system re-balancing.

Sample Sessions: a short demonstration of each modality to see what resonates with you and start you on your path to wellness!


Since energy goes through time and space, all sessions and trainings can be done via distance. We simply discuss your intentions via phone, chat, and/or email, and pick a time for you to lay down and receive the energywork session. I have worked on clients across the room, across the country, and around the world via distance. The energy is just as power ful via distance as it is in person.

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Chakra balancing
Immune enhancement
Meditation for change
Radiation shielding
DNA reprogramming
Stress release
Tension release
Chemical detoxification
Emotional detox
Trauma release
Structural alignment
Muscle testing
Immune assessment
Ear coning
Sound therapy
Color therapy
Quantum balancing
Laying of stones
Cleansing & rejuvenation
Energy imprinting


The type of work I do is "energy work" which is based upon Einstein's discovery that physical matter is also patterns of energy. What that means, is if I have an ache or a pain, I have one pattern of energy. And if I feel good, I have a different pattern of energy. Energy work modalities shift the pattern of energy and thereby shift the physical reality. The shift happens because counsciousness affects reality. So, through your willful intention of asking to release patterns that no longer serve you, and take on the patterns that do, your consciousness is changing reality. In these terms, "healing" begins with your intention for change, and continues when you do a ritual to help your consciousness accept and integrate the change. That ritual could be anything from taking a pill to accupunction to getting a priest's blessing. The rituals I offer are those of energy work including: Reiki, intuitive shamanic energywork methods, Intuitive Energy Medicine, kinesiology, and spiritual/metaphysical counseling. The exact format usually evolves when we meet, but if you have a specific preference, please ask!  I set the intention to be a channel of the healing wisdom of the universe and for your spirit to have access of all the modalities I practice. So the exact format doesn't limit what you receive except in appearance.

I try not to get bogged down in what is causing the imbalance or pattern you seek to release. Other than giving our mind something to rationalize, the cause isn't as important as you focusing on being the desired pattern. For instance, a knee pain might be associated with water intake, posture, trust, moving forward in your life. So the healed state might affect how you carry yourself both physcally and emotionally and mentally. It might include how you relate to people. If you focus on the image of being able to dance and hop through life and BE that pattern, all those parts may change. The energy patterns can change instantly. It is very rare that someone doesnt' feel awesome and pain free at the end of a session. So it's a matter of maintaining that way of being. 

For instance, one client came for her first session with me. It was a 30 minute session. Her goal was to transcend depression. After the session , she said she had never felt so happy in all her life! She emailed over the next few days and remarked how amazing she continued to feel. Then she showed up at group session about a week later. And she said how she had felt wonderful everyday up until today, when she went to see her counselor; then she relapsed. She asked what had happened? It was easy to see she had gone back to telling her old stories. And those old thought patterns were creating the depression.

Most sessions begin with talking about your intention and a bit about what pattern you seek to release and what pattern you would like to become. Your intention can be anything on the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual planes. It might be to release the pattern creating congestion and take on the pattern of clear easy breathing. It might be to relase depression and take on unconditional joy. It might be to manifest a new home or lover. It might be about past lives, or futures. It might be to balance a chakra. I have worked with clients on all sort of levels and intentions. Occasionally, a client just wants a general balancing or relaxation.

Sessions can be any length of time. Half hour and full hour sessions are most common.

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I offer energywork sessions and training to help you:

find deep inner peace,
access your body's intelligence,
awaken your intuition,
enhance your immune system,
find deep, permanent healing,
and feel empowered to be who and how  you want to be!

Using powerful energywork modalities of Reiki, Erotic Reiki, Intuitive Energy Medicine, FaeryLight, and Kinesiology along with intention guidance and metaphysical counseling, I help you 

transcend:to find:

stress deep inner peace
trauma              joy
dis-ease   health
stagnation     transformation.

The energy work I offer is also very good for manifesting any new pattern in your life. I have helped clients with issues ranging from pain and congestion, to manifesting apartments. The rituals I offer are powerful catalysts for change in any part of your life.

The energy can be used for simple relaxation and balancing, though I prefer to help you with specific intentions on physical, emotional, and/or spiritual issues. The intention(s) can be narrow or broad, from a specific physical dis-ease to balancing a chakra. Energywork applies to all levels from chronic conditions to more superficial patterns.

Everything in your life is reflected in your energy pattern and can thereby be shifted through intention and shifting consciousness. i don't really heal you... I help hold the space for you to find the power to transform yourself. I help you access the healing wisdom of the universe, which surrounds us.

I also offer training in Reiki, Erotic Reiki/Energywork, and FaeryLight.

I offer sessions and training, in person and via distance, in San Francisco and nationwide, or worldwide... wherever I happen to be.


Happiness, joy and health are our birthright. Through the process of life, we sometimes forget this, holding the trials and tribulations of life as tensions at the cellular level and manifesting dis-ease in our bodies. Our bodies try tell us what is out of balance in our life. Each pain or trauma holds a lesson for us, a reminder of how to balance our life according to our own highest spirit. Our bodies and cells natural process is to find peace and healing; it's our spiritual and mental tensions that create dis-ease as our body's reflect our consciousness to help us see how we want to BE.

Working with your subtle energy field, I help you balance your energies, releasing past traumas and stresses at the cellular level. Once your subtle energies are balanced, your body and spirit can heal themselves, often instantaneously. I help empower you to take charge of your health and happiness so that you can transform into new ways of being - to be who and how you want to be!