Distance Healing
& Training

Because energy goes through time and space, you may receive both energy work sessions and Reiki trainings via distance. Distance sessions and classes are just as effective as in –person sessions. It’s just a different format. Over the years I have successfully given many distance sessions and trainings to people as far away as the other side of the world. Prices are the same as in-person sessions.


I offer all three levels of traditional Usui Reiki via distance, as well as the three levels of Erotic Energywork that I teach. The procedure is simple. You contact me with your request. When you have decided, you make payment via Paypal, electronic payment, or check. I provide you with a PDF format manual to read. You read the manual and we go over any questions by phone, email, or chat. You pick a date and time to receive the attunement, and I send the attunement energy via distance. And we check in via email, phone, or chat. I mail you a certificate either hardcopy or electronically.


I offer both conventional private distance sessions including intention guidance and metaphysical guidance, as well as Self Service Distance Reiki  Sessions at a reduced cost  (See http://www.dhamiboo.com/SelfServReiki.html).

If you want to set up a private session via distance, contact me by phone or email and we can discuss your specific intention via phone, email, or chat, and pick a time for you to receive the energy.  Prices are the same as for in person sessions. Your intention can be anything on the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual level from manifesting a pain free finger to manifesting a lover to transcending grief to balancing your X chakra to.... simply receiving a balancing energy session for your highest good.

At the time we select for you to receive your energy session, all you need to do is make yourself comfortable either sitting or laying down in a meditative position. You may wish to lie down in a space where you will be uninterrupted, perhaps meditating or doing some yoga 15 minutes or so prior to the transmission. Incense, soft meditative music, etc are good ways to set your space. You close your eyes, breath deeply, and set your intentions. First, setting the intention to receive the healing energy, next asking to release the pattern creating the imbalance/situation you are looking to change, and most importantly setting the intention to take on your desired pattern of wellness. A useful way of stating this is “I ask my body and spirit to release the pattern creating X, and to take on the pattern of Being Y.” You lay/sit there in your quiet state for 60 minutes. 

The experience is going to be different for everyone. You will probably feel very relaxed. You may feel heat or tingling sensations in your body. Your body may even jerk or shudder a little as energies are unblocked. You may drift off to sleep or into a trance state. You may have visions or images from your past as you release tensions held cellularly from past experiences. And you may have visions of steps to take to accomplish your intention. 

It is good to drink plenty of water after an energy session to lubricate the changes that have taken place in the cells of you body. You may continue to feel energy and shifts in your body for several days or more as your body and spirit fully integrate the changes from your session/intention. Changes in your life may occur reflecting the integration of your intention. For instance, healing a sore throat might change the way you speak and communicate with others, and perhaps weed out unheathly relationships. You may find yourself automatically changing your diet or lifestyle.


For example, once I was working on a sore throat and congestion. I set the intention that I was going to get over this dis-ease that evening, and that I was willing to let go of all the patterns creating it.

I laid down and listened to a meditation tape (Riding Higher Flows from Roselight; see Links). As I drifted off to a sleep/trance state, my "visions" told me that the dis-ease was work related. When I came to, I felt crappy, but felt urged to drink a bunch of carrot juice and orange juice. As soon as I finished drinking the juice, my sinuses cleared and I felt great!

Each experience is different. Sometime results are more or less clear. You may not notice anything until a few days later when you find you've changed your life patterns.


Whenever you wish, you can receive free distance energy work. I transmit healing energies (Reiki, IEM, FaeryLight) to all who wish to receive them.. Simply gaze at the image at the bottom of this page and receive a free, one minute transmission of Reiki.

You don’t need to contact me to receive Free Distance Reiki. If you find it useful and helpful, please email me and share your experience. You are welcome to a donation if you feel called to do so. To send a donation, click here.


I also offer a variety of free distance energywork called Soul Empowerment Blessings for specific topics and themes. You can see my current offerings at: http://soulempowerment.wordpress.com .

If you find this transmission helpful, please leave a donation for DhamiBoo so you can enjoy the spirit of giving too.