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Self Service
Self Service Distance Reiki for Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups, Plants, Animals, Businesses and More!

Would you like to order a session of distance Reiki with no hassle and no delays?  Here you can receive a  "prepackaged Blast"  or session of Distance Reiki  wherever you like, whenever you like...whether that is a five minute blast right now, later in in the comfort of your.own bed, later on the top of a mountain, or some other fabulous time and place. Simply pick the blast of Reiki that is right for you, make a  payment, and receive five to sixty minutes of distance Reiki/energywork to help you get back into your groove. It's self service... meaning all you have to do is select the length and number of sessions you would like, complete payment, and the energy will automatically be unlocked for you to receive at your convenience.

Choose from a list of preset session goals, or order the Special Blend that covers healing transcendence on all levels and includes all the prepackaged Blasts into one session, according to your Highest Spirit.. No matter which Blast you choose, you can always set your own intention to customize a session for a specific intention for change in your life on any level from a physical condtion to a spiritual condtion...from transmuting a headache into a clear comfortable head, to manifesting a lover. All sessions channel the energies of Unconditional Love, Joy, Empowerment, Abundance, and Enlightenment to help you align with your Authentic Self/Highest Spirit. All sessions include telepathic connection to your Highest Spirit in the Language of the Universe to bring to your awareness any thing you need to know to transform your life..

Simply scroll through the options, choose the Blast that is right for you, make an easy payment through your bank, credit card, or paypal account, and receive your Reiki energy where and when you want it, right now, or later. You can order 5, 20, or 60 minute sessions, a package of three 60 minute sessions, or unlimited sessions for a week,  month, year, or a lifetime. When you purchase an unlimited package of Special Blend Sessions for a month, year, or lifetime, you also get one free email/phone consultations  per year (maximum of 10 free ones for Lifetime package) for metaphysical counseling and/or intention guidance. For a fee, you can also add consultation to any package valued at $100 or more. (Please contact me to see if I am available to consult with you in a time frame suitabile to you.). If you buy a package including one or more 60 min sessions, you can apply the cost of the package to an upgrade to a yearly or lifetime unilimited package.

One you have completed your payment, you will be directed to a webpage with a charged image and blessing that carries the energy of the session(s) for you. You can receive the energy instantly or later as you wish. To receive the energy,instantly, simply set the intention to receive the energy, gaze for a moment at the image, then close your eyes and take some deep belly breaths. You can also leave the computer and sit or lay down in a meditative state.for tthe specified length of time. The transmission will last the amount of time you have paid for. To receive the energy later, either bookmark the webpage you have been directed to and return to it later, or simply take some time and set the intention/ask to receive the energy when you are ready. The energy work is very flexible and you can even receive it while you are on a walk. For that matter I have sent people sessionswhile they were on the way to the hospital. If you like to be pleasantly surprised, just ask your Spirit to deliver the session(s) at the perfect time.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before ordering. To try a free sample 1 Minute Blast of Reiki, go to the charged image below.
Session Length/Quantity
Spiritual Health: transmutation of any karmic, spiritual dis-ease so that you may see, feel, trust and Be your Divinity in this Lifetime.
MerKaBah Activation: activates your awareness of your Light*Spirit*Body (MerKaBah) interdimensional time/space vehicle, connecting you to all Creation.
Emotional/Mental Peace and Clarity: transmutation/ transcendance of negative emotions/thoughts and the stories that cause them into forgiveness and Divine Presence in Unconditional Love and Joy.
Physical Health and Alignment: including transmutation of any physical dis-ease and transmutation of any toxins into light.
Erotic/Sexual Healing Vibrancy and Alignment: balances your second chakra to charge you with ecstatic energy, empowerment, and celebration of your physical form. for fun and/or procreation.
Unconditional Abundance: trusting, feeling, manifesting the unconditional abundance of the Universe for all your physical needs.
Empowerment and Enlightenment: clarity, inner peace, bliss, non-attachment, and the courage to make conscious choices..
Unconditional Love and Joy: spontaneous joy and unconditional love for yourself and others, trusting/seeing your/their divinity with compassion.

Presence: Deep Inner Peace and Calm: Quiet mind, forgiveness, trust.
Session Length/Quantity
Session Length/Quantity
Session Length/Quantity
Session Length/Quantity
Session Length/Quantity
Session Length/Quantity
Session Length/Quantity
Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't have a paypal account, can I still buy Self Service Reiki?

Yes. My paypal interface will accept payments from your credit card and/or bank account. Try it and see. If all else fails, you can mail me a money order. Email me for details.

I do not live in the USA... can I still get distance Reiki from you?

Of course!  I have successfully sent Reiki around the world from where I have been. Time, space, and distance are no problem in the quantum fields!  As far as payment options, paypal works with many countries and can handle international transactions from many countries. If paypal does not work in your country, then we can likely work out something.

The exchange rate in my country makes the cost prohibitive... can I still purchase Distance Reiki?

Yes.  Either Spirit will provide you with a miraculous windfall, or we can work out a suitable monetary exchange based on your income and/or work out some sort of barter/exchange/community service.

Why are the private distance sessions on your other page more expensive?

They include email/phone consultation including metaphysical consultation, diagnosis, and intention guidance. Often the consultation takes as much time or more time than the actual energywork session.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes. The first option is to ask the Universe to help you manifest the money. You might even discover you already have the money, or you may find that the money you need suddenly appears.  If you prefer to make payments, you can make 4 monthly/quarterly payments for sessions costing $100 or more. If you do not see a payment option in the drop down window, simply select the service you want, choose an option with a price that makes a reasonable down payment,  and write a note in the space provided on the billing page.  We will set up a monthly or quarterly payment plan.

How do I know this will work for me?

Try a free one minute blast of Reiki from the image at the bottom of this page. If the free blast feels good and makes you want more, then purchase a self-service Reiki session. If in doubt, try a cheaper session first. Follow your intuition, trust your Spirit.

Do you provide refunds?

No. I suggest trying the free sample at the bottom of this page. If you are not sure you will be happy with Self Service Reiki or are not sure if you can afford/want Self Service Reiki, don't buy it. If for some reason, you want to exchange your service for a different package, I will do my best to accomodate you. If there are additional charges, you will be charged the difference in price.

Why don't I have to email you to receive distance Reiki from you?

Well, for one, most of the sessions are of pre-packaged intentions and transmit the vibrations of those intentions... kind of similar to different types of rocks and crystals carrying different energies. My energy grid is set up to be aware of who purchases what and to tune into your exact needs/Highest Spirit.

Can I email you to share my intentions and ask for guidance?

Feel free to email me, but note that intention guidance and metaphysical counseling is only included in the yearly and lifetime options. Certainly email me to share your experience and also with any technical questions. I will do my best to answer you promptly, but please note that I am often in retreat without internet access. Be patient. The Reiki/energy is there for you regardless of whether you hear from me before you need the Reiki. If you have purchased and unlimited month, year, or lifetime of Reiki, you are entitled to one free phone/email consultation/counseling per package or year.

Is there any danger in these sessions?

No. All Reiki energy is Divine, knows where to go, how much to go, and when to go for your Highest Good. Reiki energy only goes to highest good. It is entirely self regulating because your Highest Spirit regulates exactly how much you receive. That being said, try not to fall out of your chair when you receive the Blast!  ;-)  just kidding... you won't fall out of your chair, though you may feel some very strong energy. Breathe, trust, relax. If the energy gets a bit strong for you, simply ask it to reduce and to come back at a better time for you. You can stop a session at any time, through your simple intention to do so.

Can I really receive the energy anywhere and anytime?

Yes. Reiki energy can be sent through time and space. The protocol I use to send the energy to you is self regulating and very flexible. Obviously, your experience of the session may be a bit different depending on whether you are on a bus, in an office, sitting in a park, or laying in your bed. The energy will work regardless.

How can I prepare for a session?

You don't need to prepare for a session... really all you need to to is to ask and ye shall receive. That being said, if you are receiving a 20 or 60 min session it's nice to have create a quiet, uninterrupted, comfortable space for your self. Turn your phone and doorbell off, put on some quiet music, or just enjoy the silence. But also know, that if you do not have the luxury of time and space like that the energy will still work, whether it's in front of your computer at the office, or on the bus on your commute... the energy will still work.

Is there anything I need to do after the session?

Nothing special. Plenty of water is always good to lubricate the energetic shifts in the body. Remember your intention and use it as an affirmation. Remember the energy you felt and tap into that way of being.

I can't afford a longer session... am I missing out?

No. The length of a session does not necessarily correlate to the effectiveness or degree of change you will feel. Energy travels at the speed of thought, which is faster than the speed of light! It really only takes an instant to change, transmute, and transcend. Reiki energy adapts itself to each person and situation. I've given 30 second transmissions of Reiki that have been as powerful or more powerful than an hour of transmission. Longer and shorter sessions are just different experiences in relation to that thing we call time.

What kinds of things can I transmute through these sessions?

Really anything you would want different in your life, on any level, physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual. I've seen clients transmute and transcend such things as a headache, congestion, sciatica, impotency, past life issues, chakra imbalances, life contracts, drug side effects, libido, sluggish immigration services, depression, sexual shame, stress, bee stings, confusion, chronic neck pain, sensitivity to electronics, relationship issues, etc. The simple approach is to energetically take you to that place where it's simple choice to move from one quantum state to the other. No rights, or wrongs, just different experiences.

Of course, you know that I am not a medical doctor or professional and I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. I hold space for you to transmute metaphysical conditions and/or those reflected in the quantum grid of this reality on physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual levels. You partake of Self Service Reiki at your own “risk”. In this work, God(dess) is the Senior Partner, and this includes the God(dess) is in you and me... so please do your part and send any complaints, suggestions to the Senior Partner(s).

Why does the same image come up when I purchase different types of sessions?

The image only looks the same, but energetically it is different because I have charged each webpage differently.

Do I have to look at the image or read the words to get the energy?

No, it doesn't matter whether you look at the screen or not... the energy will get to you either way or both ways.

Can I return to the charged webpage repeatedly?

Yes. Simply bookmark it. It will remain charged for you based on the number of sessions you have purchased.  If the you no longer feel the charge, then likely your purchase has expired. And remember the webpage is not necessary for you to receive the session(s) you have purchased.

Can I purchase a series of sessions as a gift for someone?

Yes. Simply make your purchase and add a note to me in the payment page. Give the gift recipient the url of the page you are directed to after you complete your payment.

How long is a lifetime package?

Eternally on the energetic planes! My intention is that the grid is permanent though my physical body is not. If that concerns you, know that I am in my mid forties, and my current intention is to live healthily until I drop dead in my nineties (about 2060). Most of my relatives, including my parents, are   living into their eighties.

Do you offer family/household packages?

Yes, email me for details. Please include the size of your family and what type of package you are looking for.

Do you offer group-session packages?

Yes. I can arrange to send a session to a group of people at one time and place. Simply have one person pay me via paypal for a 60 min session of your choice, and write “group” in the note section on the paypal payment page.

How do you do this...set up this grid?

It's a protocol I worked out during my 10 years of practicing Reiki. It's a trade secret.  I can teach it to you in Reiki III or a Reiki III Reattunement/Booster Class.

How will I know if the session has worked?

Inevitably you will feel a very strong vibration/tingling that takes you into an altered state. You may experience visions as well. Afterwards, you will feel a deep sense of calm and inner peace.  In rare cases, you may not be aware of anything in particular during the session, yet several days later you will find the change(s) you have asked for have come about.

Do I need to understand or believe in this for it to work?

No. You merely have to ask yourself to be open to receiving it...to ask yourself to try. If you have gotten to this webpage, and can complete the purrchase of a session,  it is unlikely that you  will not feel any changes from a session.
Coming Soon:
Self Service Reiki
for Plants, Pets, Couples, Families, Businesses, and more!

Size of group
Group Reiki: provides a low cost way to share the benefits of Reiki in a group setting. Just get your group together in a meditative space and receive. Each person receives exactly what they need. You can set a general theme/intention for the group, or not.
Free One Minute Sample of Distance Reiki: Simply Gaze at this image, then close your eyes and take a few deep belly breaths to try the "Special Blend"
Self Serve Reiki Blasts/Sessions:
Special Blend: a blend of energies to work upon all of the above simultaneously according to your needs at the time of the session. Also allows you to add multiple intentions on all levels.
Session Length/Quantity