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K.F., Oakland, CA
March 2009. Two years after her second Reiki session with me.

Always good to hear from you DhamiBoo. You are often in my thoughts and I will never forget how you changed my life for the better!  One powerful, mind blowing, life altering, magical, mystical, hallucinagenic (almost), transcendental experience!

Best to you on your ever-interesting journey!

K.F., Oakland, CA
Feb 2007. Three years after her first Reiki session with me:

I have enjoyed reading your website and learning about all your travels and
experiences you have had along your journey!

I have thought of you many times since my treatment with you at the ACTCM
clinic...probably three years ago.  I haven't been the same since that

I realize that you are away on your journey but if you ever are in the bay
area again I would love to set up a treatment with and with my friends who I
have often told my incredible story to, about the session with you.

Anyway, I wish you all the best and appreciate you, how you live your life
and what you do here on this planet.

M.G., Hawaii.
May 2005. Several years after Erotic Reiki I training.

It has been years since I have seen or spoke to you, for you probably will find some challenge remembering me.  Years ago ... I attended a Reiki attunement Night.... I yet I had already received the attunements so I came only for the Sexual Reiki Attunement.  That attunement is one of the single most powerful events of my life.  I did not know it at the moment of that night, yet that night in dreamspace I journeyed so powerfully it changed the course of my life without question.  I honor you for the gift you have given me.

T.W., Chaing Mai, Thailand
Feb 2006, after receiving his first free Reiki session

dhamiboo did reiki on me for the first time in my life, i couldn't believe what happened to me, by body started going numb? [how to explain?]and vibrating and it was like he took every angry, sad, destructive thought out of me and filled me with energy? or something more profound than any drug i've ever tried! you may scoff or joke all you like. it was REAL. all i could do was lay there and cry at the beauty out side and inside my self, while tourists walked by with puzzled expressions on their faces....

A.S., San Francisco
April 2005, overhearing me explain to a client that I do a little more than just Reiki

You do a lot more than Reiki alright, you are like an empowerment bitch slap!

S.P., San Francisco
Jan 14, 2004, after attending Reiki Circle with the intention of focus and action

Well, guess what?  I marched into work this morning and everything just worked.  It took me about two hours to figure out what to do, about two hours to do it, and about two hours to debug it.  Mind you, I've been working on this subsystem for about 7 days, and I've been stuck the entire time on a critical piece nested in a briar patch of conflicting requirements.  But this morning I was able to see through the mess and solve the problems with much less and much simpler code than I had anticipated, satisfying all of the requirements.

I wanted to especially thank you for reminding me to love myself.  During a recent, er, church service I realized that my self-criticism script is out of control.  Given past tendencies to wallow in darkness, it's a dangerous combination... so I was particularly touched by that statement at that moment.  Integrating it is key, so I will be mindful of when I am going down that path and get off of it!

Once again, I find myself grateful to have found Reiki and you.  I also find myself grateful to have the opportunity to do this wonderful work of bringing the light into this world, and learn to see the light that is all around.

Love & hugs


L.W., Massachussetts
Dec 13, 2001, after receiving an Erotic Reiki I Training and Attunement via distance.

Thank you for the Erotic Reiki attunement! It was great! Before we started the attunement I met you on the soul plane (I always heart connect there before attunements because it facilitates things). You shook my hand. Then you were "gone."

I felt the attunement start at my feet. I was receiving the attunement and was also with my Goddess self on the soul plane at the same time.  I saw and felt you clearing things out of my body. As things cleared out, it felt really good. Like I was making room for myself, for my real self. It felt really good.

After the attunement, I saw an angel merge with me, followed by Goddess energy and then the Divine Masculine (which had been difficult before). I am feeling such a sense of power and joy that I am dancing around my apartment enjoying my body!!!!!

J.M., Balboa Park, CA
July 9, 2001 after a Reiki session:

I came to you about a year and a half ago for a massage and I just happened to have a broken arm at the time.  I had read up on Reiki and energy balancing and figured that was the most appropriate massage modality for my condition.  Your massage was way cool.  You hardly touched me (in the traditional Swedish sense of massage) but I felt this healing energy everywhere.  Especially on my arm which was still in a cast.  The only reason I have not been back is that I moved and am geographically challenged.  Just wanted to let you know that you did a good job.  And that I appreciated it.  Thanks!

J.M., San Francisco, CA
June 19, 2001 after training in
Reiki I for Sexual Ecstatics:

Thank you for the reiki I class, the attunements and the support to make reiki part of my life. I have never considered myself a sex worker, but...why not? It is what I like!!!!!

M.D., San Francisco, CA
May 26, 2001 after his IEM full treatment:

Thank you seems so inadequate.I don't know how to thank you enough . . . since I saw you on Tuesday evening I've been feeling progressively better, and better, and better.  My depression and apathy have lifted like dark clouds being washed away by sunlight . . . Physically I feel MUCH better too!  I swept my house Thursday night for radiation sources.  It's amazing that all I have to do is close my eyes and feel with my hands.  I found a total of six sources: two from my television, two from my big Onkyo receiver, one from the charging base of my Sprint PCS phone, and a BIG one from my computer monitor.  I know keep my computer monitor off when not using the computer, as soon as my phone is charged I pop it off the charging stand, and I was able to somehow "seal" the two sources inside my television and amplifier.  I just created an impenetrable energy shield around them that would not interfere with their normal operation but would not emit radiation . . . I'm able to meditate, and read also.  I've also been able to proceed with my "asencion" without being hindered.  I also created a pure white Divine sun in the center of my room and expanded it slowly until it extended 2 meters outside my room in all directions.  I then sealed it with purple forcefield.  I claim this space as my own sovreign space and demanded that any being not of a frequency of 900,000,000 Ghz and higher leave immediately or be irradiated.  My room was so full of negative energy it took me almost an hour to completely clear it.  I have to keep a sort of "silver cord" connected to my heart so that when I leave the energy forces don't weaken.  I got tangled up in it the first day, but I'm getting used to it.  I also spent the night with my partner last night.  We had the most awesome sex we've ever had.  We both had 60 second plus simultaneous orgasms . . . and the guy upstairs came down and rang the bell . . . seems he thought someone was having a heart attack!  I didn't realize we were making so much noise.  My sincerest thanks to you . . .

B.Y., San Anselmo, CA
May 20, 2001, after a 10 min impromptu Reiki session.

I wanted to thank you for the Reiki, particularly regarding the hand that I injured the night before with the sewing needle sicking into my carpel. Boy oh boy. not but an hour after I left, could i no longer feel the soreness that was grieving my digit before the Reiki. Whatever you did sure made those lil osteoblasts and collagen fibers super happy.

J.M., San Francisco, CA
Apr 19, 2001 after 1 hour Reiki session:

Thanks a million for last Friday. I went home and slept for over four hours, woke up in a "different space", and then went back to sleep. I would say some powerful things were going on! Have felt residual effects which have been positive.

Thank you so much. You are a powerful man.
Your art is wonderful.

C.J., San Francisco, CA
Mar 02, 2001 after first session, mini IEM plus Reiki:

Thanks again for the session we did. Your work has really made an wonderful impact on me, and I am very appreciative of it.

C.J., San Francisco, CA
Jan 14, 2001 after first session, mini IEM plus Reiki:

Thanks again for the energy work session. It was really great! My [congested] chest feels better... but ever better than that, I feel a shift in my energy and focus that's giving me a better look at my life. Also, the experience of  having you talk to my body and have it respond gave me a new level of understanding and confidence that I have power to reprogram myself through intention, affirmation, and use of voice. I'm also confident that much more was healed than what I'm conscious of.

Thanks you for your energy, love, and healing. It's a beautiful gift.

J.B. San Francisco, CA
Jan 15, 2001 after 2 Reiki sessions, the IEM treatment, and Reiki I attunement:

I must say that you really are intuitive and have a lot of wisdom about all the things that we have talked about. Physical, spiritual, health ... I really want to continue to change my beliefs in this direction, but it is difficult sometimes.

This afternoon I found myself in an uncertain state, and immediately decided to do the IEM exercise, and then just went on to something else. Also, yesterday I was sneezing a little and thought that I might be getting a cold, but I also did the IEM exercises and was conscious of drinking more water, and resting some. I don't have a cold.

I think that you are pretty amazing in gaining all the knowledge and experience that you have with Reiki and IEM and other areas. When I first
came to see you, that was not uppermost in my mind, but somehow I was drawn intuitively to be willing to go along with what you were offering and like I have said, I was amazed at several things, mostly just how good I felt. Using the IEM exercises and trying out the Reiki helps to recapture some of that.

J.B., San Francisco, CA
Jan 05, 2001, after Reiki I training/ attunement:

As I was leaving your place this afternoon, I thought that I noticed something--energy?--when I walked past trees. However,the trees that have metal protectors around them did not give me the same sense. Then, I remembered times of walking or even driving along tree-shaded streets and feeling protected. Was I feeling the Reiki energy without knowing it? Whatever it was,I am sensing or imaging or imagining sensations of energy ....

I enjoyed our session today, and I thought the last part with the attunement was especially beautiful. Thank you!

I also find myself trying out my hands, doing different things. There are granite counter tops in the kitchen in myplace. I was even feeling energy from the granite stone .... After I ate some fresh vegetables with brown rice, I felt the warmth of the granite for a while. Everything seems somewhat heightened....

I am mostly just enjoying the aftermath of a wonderful experience ... and feeling a lot of gratitude and inner warmth ....

J.B., San Francisco, CA
Dec 23, 2000, after the IEM treatment, writes about the IEM exercises:

I have been doing the exercises regularly. Last Sunday evening and Monday, I felt like I was coming down with a cold. At least I had sinus drainage and "symptoms." But I did more exercises, and told myself that I was NOT coming
down with a cold, and instead drank lots of water. Whatever it was cleared ...

J.B., San Francisco, CA
Nov 19, 2000, after Reiki+mini IEM treatment:

Thank you for the wonderful session this afternoon. It was completely a surprise for me the way it turned out, and was beyond what I could imagine.  I have felt just great the rest of the evening, very relaxed and peaceful. I sensed your energy right away, and your gentle manner was calming to me, as you guided me along the way. My right hand has some relief, and that is good. I feel a deep sense of relaxation all over.

R.H., San Mateo, CA
Oct 22, 2000 after his Reiki II  and III trainings/ attunements and one Reiki session:

I always thought Reiki was a bunch of wu-wu until I experienced it myself. I've found that not only my physical health but every area of my life has been enhanced, smoothed and lightened. In one session I was able to work through and release some sexual blocks I'd been struggling with for years. Your presence was gentle, wise and inspiring. Your style of teaching was supportive, playful, flexible and most of all, effective. After completing Levels II and III, I noticed a profound shift, and I knew that Reiki had become a part of me, as natural as breathing. My relationships, my financial life, and my career have all been enriched and clarified. New experiences are flowing into my life that are clearly the result of Reiki, and old problematic patterns, relationships and even misguided goals are being released and swept away easily. A number of individuals have told me they've experienced direct results from my distant treatments. I practice Reiki every day and can't imagine living without it now.

That may sound gushy, but it's all real.

J.G. Boston, MA
August 5, 2000 after Reiki II attunement via distance:

I could feel a LOT of energy coming up from the base of my spine. It seemed to just swell within me.

J.R., Seattle, WA
June 09, 2000 after his Reiki II training/attunement via distance:

Thanks for a great attunement. It was very peaceful and blissful and full of non-egoistic, Universal love.

a day later...

The attunement must have really had a strong effect as today I was in a very still meditative state for many, many hours. It is as if I am filled with peace and content merely to watch one second follow another.

J.R., Seattle, WA
May 28, 2000 after his Reiki I training/attunement via distance:

It is hard to describe the experience of the attunement, but at some point I stopped fighting the energy and just let it happen and it was like I was filled with Love, Joy, Intelligence and it was very still, yet vibrating at a very high frequency. I went to the beach that night and had a great walk on the beach and was flooded with that peaceful energy. I have practiced Reiki on myself the past two mornings and really felt the energy in my hands. Tonight I had a client who I saw once 6 months ago come see me again.  I figured he would be a good one to be the first person I practiced Reiki on. He said the Reiki just blew him away and that he was just flooded with joy during the treatment and it occurred at the time when I felt the strongest connection through my hands. I sort of feel like I don't really do anything. It is done through me. I guess that is the way it is supposed to be. I took it as validation that I am on the right path with this. I look forward to doing it on others.

J.G. Boston, MA
April 10, 2000 one month after a Reiki session:

I was in San Francisco last month and had a great reiki session with you. I am now back in Boston, and still am reflecting on that session. Or am I just feeling the after effects??? Anyway, I wanted to write to tell you what a great job that was, it being my first reiki treatment and all. I felt respected, validated, non-judged, and supported. I am thankful for your gifts.

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