Mini IEM session
I offer a special immune enhancement treatment that stands on it's own, or can be combined with other goals for a custom session. It is also included as part of the Intuitive Energy Medicine (IEM) complete treatment.

The stand-alone mini-session lasts about 1 hour and costs $75 or use the sliding scale chart on the home page. It includes assessment, education, and treatment to empower you to wellness.

Your immune system provides the core infrastructure for your health. It cleans toxins and debris from your system. When your energies are balanced, your immune system operates effectively and keeps you healthy.


We start with kinesiology (muscle testing) to assess of your energy flow with regard to proper breathing, digestion, energy communication,  six elements, governing/central meridians, and lymphatics. We also assess at what percentage your immune system is functioning.


Next, I teach you some simple energy balancing, immune enhancing exercises that you can do on your own to keep your energies flowing smoothly and your immune system functioning optimally. These exercises take only several minutes per day.

Exercise 1-Ionization:
A simple breathing exercise that increases the electrical charge in the blood stream increases your metabolic rate, and increases your thermal capacity. Poor breathing contributes to hay fever, anxiety, and migraines. Good breathing promotes good health!

Exercise 2-Illeocecal/Houston Valves:
A simple exercise that stimulates the illeocecal valve and houston duct on either end of your intestines.  If these valves are not working smoothly, you are prone to headaches and roving aches and pains. Good digestion means toxins move through your system.

Exercise 3-Switching:
This exercise aligns the 43 lines of energy that run through your body. When these energy meridians do not align at their points of convergence, you feel "off" and out of sorts- you know those days when everything just doesn't seem right. Proper alignment of your meridians keeps you feeling with it!

Exercise 4-Six Elements:

This exercise balances the energy flow between the six energy lines that converge around the navel.

Exercise 5-Governing and Central:

This exercise helps balance your governing and central meridians. Your governing channel (meridian) picks up all the loose energy from your system and returns it to your central meridian for redistribution to the rest of your body.

Exercise 6-The Lymphatic Bounce:

This exercise moves lymphatic fluid to help cleanse toxins from your body. Your lymphatic system consists of many one-way valves which rely on outside stimuluas to move lymphatic fluid. Movement of lymphatic fluids keeps toxins moving out of your body!

Usually, simply doing the exercises brings your immune system up considerably.


A brief mini-IEM treatment helps bring your immune system to full functional capacity. The treatment is simple and gentle working through gentle touch and spoken harmonics that work at the cellular level. Tensions are released at the cellular level and your immune system is reprogrammed to work efficiently. We reprogram your body to detox itself with proper immune function and balance your chakras. A balancing of your energy field brings you to a state of deep inner peace where you can heal yourself, often instantaneously.

This is an excellent introductory session to meet me and get started in your committment and empowerment towards your health and happiness!