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     - people interested in healing themselves,
          - people interested in healing others, including          
           plants and animals,
         - doctors, nurses, psychiatrists,  counselors,
         - massage therapists and yoga instructors,
         - sex workers and masseuses,
         - anyone interested in working with and
           sensing earth energies (witches, faeries,
           shaman, etc.)

Reiki training can benefit almost anyone interested in healing or energy awareness. The training activates your own self-healing as well as energy awareness and your ability to heal yourself and others.


Imagine having an upset stomach, putting your hand on it, feeling warmth and love permeate your stomach, and having the upset stomach heal! With Reiki, such miracles happen. By learning Reiki you develop the ability to channel Universal Life Force Energy (also known as Chi, Ki, Prana, Unconditional Love, etc...) through your hands to promote healing.

Reiki attunements also increase your energy awareness--the ability to sense energies of people, plants, animals, houses, rocks, and more! This helps empower you by giving you sensory input to feed your intuition.

Although Reiki is similar to other energy work modalities, and laying of hands techniques, I find the story of Reiki one of the more empowered stories to work within, and it's simplicity removes alot of ego and power dynamics.


I teach Usui  Reiki in three levels: Reiki I, II, and III. Each level activates your own self-healing and transformation as well as your ability to heal others and even plants and animals. Reiki works on physical, emotional, and karmic levels. I provide instruction manuals, certificates, training, attunements and ongoing support.

In Reiki I, I activate your ability to channel Universal Life Force Energy and teach you the definition, history, and basic hand positions for a self-healing treatment or for working on another person.

In Reiki II, I teach you the sacred Reiki symbols which allow you to specifically address physical, emotional, or karmic healing, as well as do distance healings. Also, you will learn how to heal the aura or subtle energy field around the body.

Reiki III is the master/teacher's degree for those who are truly devoted to Reiki. You learn the master symbols as well as a symbol for spirit liberation specific to this lineage of Reiki. And you learn how teach Reiki and how to pass "attunements" to initiate others into Reiki.

I can teach you any level in 2 hours individually, in person. I occassionally offer group classes. Or, I can teach you via distance by sending you a manual (either via snail mail, or electronically) to read and going over any questions by phone, email, or mail.  Then we pick a time for you to receive your "attunement" (the activation of your ability to channel Reiki energies). Since energy goes through time and space this is no problem.

Are You Ready for Reiki Training?

Reiki I: Reiki I is a good staple tool for anyone. It will open you to knew ways of seeing and feeling so that you can help yourself and others heal. If you feel called to take Reiki I, by all means take it!

Reiki II: Of course, you must have Reiki I before you can take Reiki II! If you have Reiki I and are using it regularly on yourself and/or others, then you are a likely candidate for Reiki II. My personal view, is that Reiki II is the "professional" degree for those who wish to practice Reiki on others regularly. The ability to send Reiki by distance makes it a perfect supplement to any work with other people. I know psychiatrists and counselors who use Reiki II subtlely in their practices. Of course, massage therapists, acupunturists, psychic surgeons, and other healing arts practitioners can easily use Reiki in their practices. And, if you just like to use Reiki casually in your own life, Reiki II will certainly give you alot more empowerment.

Reiki III: Again, the prerequisite is Reiki II. Reiki III is for those who are truly devoted to Reiki as a practice in their own life and sincerely interested in teaching Reiki.

Personally, I listen to Spirit and each student's story to decide if they are ready to proceed to the next level. Some lineages say that one must wait a certain period of time between each attunement. Others teach all three levels to students over the course of a weekend. My own personal preference is to spread the attunements out. Each is a very special day and I believe in honoring each stage of your personal growth. That being said, there is an occasional student who is very used to working with energy and magic, and is willing and ready to take the attunements more rapidly.

My personal process was that I received a spontaneous attunement to be aware of and channel energies. About 6 weeks later I fell upon a Reiki I training at a gathering and that gave me a mental framework with which to view the energy I was feeling in my body. After my Reiki I training, I read every book I could find and Reiki and played with the Reiki energy every day.  At the minimum, I gave myself a daily treatment, and I occassionally gave a friend a treatment as well. Over the next two months, I started informally incorporating Reiki into massage work I was doing.  I  started to do informal distance work based on what hints I could find in my reading. About that time, I found a local Reiki Master and received my Reiki II attunement.  I figured I would wait a year before my Reiki III attunement. In the meantime, I used Reiki II almost every day in my erotic massage practice and also personally to work on myself and friends. I continued to read everything I could on Reiki and energywork. One day, about 4 months after my Reiki I attunement, and 2 months after my Reiki II attunement, I can home from the bicycle shop I worked at and felt energy buzzing throughout my body. I immediately sensed it was time for my Reiki III attunement. I called my local Reiki Master and got an appointment. In hindsight, the third attunement was just right, being a few days before I travelled back East to clean up the last of my belongings from my prior life as a horse farmer. I gave my first attunement by distance to my acupuncturist. And, within two weeks of my third attunement, I taught a Reiki I class to 13 students at a gathering.

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Learn Reiki Online

If you would like to learn Reiki and recieve your attunement online, I can teach you via distance.

Download and read the manual below. Email me with questions and pay the class fee via paypal. Then we will set up a time for you to receive your attunement. I will mail you a certificate.

I only teach Reiki I and II via distance. If you are a prior student I will consider teaching Reiki III via distance.

Note: you cannot practice Reiki just by reading the manuals. You need to be attuned by a Reiki Master/Teacher

Feel free to download and print these manuals. They are copywrited, so please request permission for anything beyond your own reading pleasure. If you find the manuals helpful, please leave a donation for DhamiBoo so you can enjoy the spirit of giving too.   Thank you!!!!