I provide a uniquely rich experience!

Through my own personal transformations  from naive suburban boy, to graduate student, to horsedrawn homesteader, to "coming out" as a gay man in San Francisco, to bike messenger, to permaculture practitioner, to healer, I have a wealth of insight into personal growth, wellness,  and happiness.
Raking hay crop with Emma, circa 1990...
Plowing with Emma, circa 1996...
Seven years behind the horse and plow taught me a lot about earthly energies. Living diverse lifestyles from the suburbs, to the Amish, to the city, taught me that we can choose our paradigm. My transition from farming to gay city life taught me that sometimes loosing everything is gaining everything! And coming out as a gay man, taught me that our greatest gift is to be ourself!

During the spring equinox of 1999, I underwent a major energyshift in my body whereupon I started feeling the energy of trees and people. Dumbfounded, I soon fell into some Reiki training and discovered I have natural gifts as a healer.

I rapidly progressed through all three levels of Reiki training and got training in Intuitive Energy Medicine.

Since then, I have found myself enthralled in healing transformation, striving to find joy and health, shedding old habits and traumas, and enthusiastically helping others claim the joy and health that is their birthright. I've worked with clients nationwide providing sessions and training, in person, and via distance.

I look forward to sharing the mysteries and miracles of life, health and joy, with you!


Angel Worker training in the lineage of Doreen Virtue via Narmada Pratap Singh. 2011.

Lightarian Ray Attunement. 2001.

Intuitive Energy Medicine Practitioner and Kinesiologist with Suzanne Louise,  California, January 2000.

Reiki III/Master/Teacher, with Mari Coop, Hayward, California, September 1999.

Reiki II, with Mari Coop, Hayward, California, June 1999.

Reiki I, with Gregory Meyers, Short Mountain, Tennessee, May 1999.

Celebrating the Body Electric, Body Electric School, Oakland, California, June 1999.

Permaculture Design Trainee, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, 1998.

M.S. Agronomy (Agricultural Engineering minor), Pennsylvania State University, 1989.

B.S. Agricultural Engineering Technology, University of Delaware, 1985.

In many ways, I have been wandering all my life. My early years, I spent in the suburbs, relatively naive and middle class. After completing graduate school in agriculture, I sold my car and bought a horse, plow, and buggy. I farmed with my beloved horse Emma for seven years, spending some time with the Amish, and also spending a year and a half traveling nomadically by horse an buggy. After my seven years of horse farming, I found myself coming out as a gay man in San Francisco. My immersion into my new life soon found me practising sexual healing as an escort, and one day a powerful orgasm awakened great energy awareness within me. And a short time later I found myself delving into Reiki. From 1999 to 2004 I developed a Reiki practice in San Francisco, seeing many clients and teaching many students the amazing gifts of Reiki, Erotic Reiki, and Intuitive Energy Medicine.

In 2004, I felt it time to leave San Francisco. I thought I might just resettle someplace else, but a few months later I met a fellow nomad named Greg-O in NYC. He said, "most people can't be gypsies because they are too attached to what works for them, AND too attached to what doesn't work for them." I nodded my head in agreement, and as I walked away I knew those words were for me. I remembered a faint vision of an older nomad, who laughed at the idea of keeping things... who wandered the world manifesting lovers, magic, and abundance on his way with laughter and unconditional love. I realized I had projected this image onto other travelers I'd met. Now I realized that THIS was ME! I returned to San Francisco, and cleared out my storage unit in Dec 2004. And soon I found myself in Hawaii, climbing Mauna Loa. Watching the movie, Himalaya in Maui, I realized I had to go to the Himalayas. And by end of June, 2005, I'd embarked on a 10 month journey to Thailand, India, Nepal, and Laos. Since then, I've visited India and Thailand for extended periods and seen much of  the different realities that people live.

I am currently a nomad, a wanderer, on a giant walk about on this Earth. I sense this is my path for the rest of my time on this earth in this body... deep within me shimmer visions of a nomadic, gypsy wizard, sharing and cross pollinating across this Earth; embodying skills of trust and manifestation and unconditional love.  I practice and teach Reiki, Intuitive Energy Medicine, Erotic Reiki, Angel Light work and Guidance, and  various intuitive shamanic energywork practices.