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(in person or by distance)

Newly added Angel Light work and Guidance sessions are priced and described on their own page. (click here for details).

My usual rate is $150/hour plus $100/additional hour. Sessions can be any length of time in half hour segments. I've given 30 minute sessions that are just as powerful and transformative as 2 hour sessions. It's really about your preference. Usually its the metaphysical counseling that takes more time than than the energywork. Energy moves at the speed of thought, or is it the speed of light?  ;-)

My price is set to reflect the intention of my work, which is for major instantaneous change, more than weekly guidance. That being said my work is not about money, but rather spiritual calling... if you feel called to see me and cannot afford the full rate, consider either asking Spirit to manifest the money... you may be pleasantly surprised at your own abundance... or contact me and offer me what is reasonable based on your financial situation.

I am also open to creating custom rates for a series of sessions if you feel like you would like to schedule several sessions to address several intentions or to support yourself during a major challenge.

Distance sessions cost the same as in person sessions.

Simply gather a group of 5-10 people together and I can do Reiki on the entire group at one time... it's just as effective as private sessions, and at $20/person, very cost effective. One to two hours is an appropriate time frame. Can be done in person or via distancce.

Complete treatment + recheck: $250
This is a set fee based on my teacher's policies.

REIKI TRAINING (in person or by distance):                
                            (privatetraining/class rate)     
Reiki I                      $150/120 **          
Reiki II                     $200/150  **         
Reiki III                    $300/250  **        
Erotic Reiki I          $150/120  **       
Erotic Reiki II         $250/200  **       
Erotic Reiki III        $300/250  **       
** Partial scholarships available for those who cannot afford the regular
price, and also for those who help organize a class by gathering students and providing a place for the class to take place. As class size increases, prices get more negotiable. Please ask.