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Angel Light Work
and Guidance
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Angel light work supports your personal evolution and transformations with guidance and energies channeled from the Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters. These Beings are dedicated to support you and all of us in our journey on this earth. Each of us has at least two Guardian Angels as well.

Angel Light Work and Guidance employs the wisdom of these Beings to help you find ease and joy on your path. Sessions provide guidance and/or lightwork to help you transcend stress, dis-ease, and trauma on physical, emotional, and or spiritual levels. Sessions can also help you ascend and transform according to your Divine WIll on your Path. Angel Light helps with illness, stress, and trauma, as well as with change in our lives. Their guidance helps provide clarity and faith in times of decision by illuminating Paths in line with our Life Purpose.

I channel these Beings through the filters of your Highest Spirit, Unconditional Love, Joy, Empowerment, Abundance, and fun. As in Reiki, all energy and guidance goes towards highest good.

Currently,  I am offering these services via distance and Internet.

Psychic Clearing & Cord-cutting
Spirit Liberation
Spirit Liberation with Guidance
Spirit Liberation, Cleansing and Shielding
Space Clearing
Space Clearing with Shielding

Angel Transformation Sessions
Laughing Buddha Blast
Boddhi Tree Enlightenment Blast
Ganesha Blast
Grove Master Blast
Life Purpose Ascension Blast
Akashic Ascension Blast
Angel Light Transformation Session
Seraphic Attunement

Guidance Sessions
Single Simple Card Reading
Single Issue Full Reading
General Reading
Five Question  Reading
Live Reading and Lightwork
I Ching Readings

Frequently Asked Questions
Receiving a session
Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer
Powerful Assistance from the Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters to promote health, clarity, and joy on Your Divine Path of Life.
Spirit Liberation
Spirit Liberation & Guidance
Space Clearing
Transformation Session
Frequently Asked Questions:


What are Angels?

Angels are spirit beings that have shosen to serve humanity by being liasons between us and the Source or God or Goddess.

What are Archangels?

Archangels are  "meta" angels, overseers in the angel realm. For example Archangel Micheal is the protector angel and helps us transcend fears with shielding and protection. He also helps us with Life Purpose. Archangel Rapheal specializes in healing. There are many archangels.

What are Ascended Masters?

Ascended Masters are spirit beings who once lived on earth with a great degree of mastery. Examples include, Yogananda, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Krishna, and Christ.

What is the Highest Self/Spirit?

It is the omnipotent Source from whence you come, from which you have chosen to incarnate. It knows how  to create, recreate, uncreate, and manifest every detail of your life in accordance with Your Purpose and Free Will.

What are Seraphs?

Seraph is just another word for high level Spirtual Beings including the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Beings of Light Dedicated to serving our Universe..

Do I need to be religious to have help from the angels?

No. The angels are non-denominational. Religious associations are merely to help people relate to them. If you prefer, we can simply access your Higher Self, the omnipotent source from which you come.

What if I would like to contact a different guide, angel, or ascended master?

Just let me know with whom you would like to connect. There are many angels and masters serving us. All my channels are filtered through Unconditional Love, Joy, and Empowerment. I am happy to help you connect with whomever you resonate most with.


Do I need to have a Paypal account?

No, you can book a session with a credit card or electronic check via my paypal account. You don't need to have a Paypal account.

How do I book a session?

You can email me first to confirm availability (recommended for live sessions or if you are under time constraints). Or you can simply pay make a payment through paypal and I will contact you to schedule an appointment or delivery of your session. Please read the Terms and Conditions below before booking a session.

When can I receive my session?

Readings and Guidance generally take several days to a week to deliver to you.

Blasts can be delivered immediately or when ever you choose to receive them.

For live sessions we need to agree upon a time and day.

Do you offer refunds?

Once a session or service is provided, there are no refunds. Live sessions have a 24 hour cancellation  or no refund policy.  If you make a mistake in your booking, let me know and we can get you the service you want.

What else do I need to know before booking a session?

Please read the Terms and Conditions  below before booking.

Preparing for a Session:

How do I prepare for a session?

Simply be open to receiving. To receive light work transmissions, it is best if you create an undisturbed time and place for yourself, turning off you phone, computer and other distractions for the specified period of time. Drink a glass of water before and after the session. You may lay down or sit in lotus position. Take a moment to remember your intention for the session,  ask yourself to receive the guidance and energy blessing, close your eyes, breath deeply, and relax. You may trance out into a sleep like state. You will "awaken" when the transmission is over. You may also have visions of things you are releasing or things to do to integrate your transformation. You may feel tingling energies work their way through your body. You may even feel nothing at all during the transmission, but late find yourself suddenly feeling refreshed and renewed. The experience is different for everyone.

How can I maintain my new way of BEing?

By intending to do so!  It helps to make affirmations to keep yourself on track. In our quantum consciousness reality, every thought can be a prayer and it is up to us to pursue "good" thoughts.  For example, you might affirm " I joyfully move through life's challenges with a laugh. Life gets easier and and easier." or, "I express my Divine Life Purpose, celebrating the blessing that is my unique gift to the world."

How can I communicate with the Angels, Ascended Masters, and/or my Highest Self?

By asking. By intending. By affirming that you do so. Our guides are always there, but we have to remember to ask for help and then to listen. A useful book on the subject is Doreen Virtue's How to Hear Your Angels. You can also get the Seraphic Attunement Lightwork session which is an energetic attunement to shift your pattern of energy to communicate more easily with your guides and angels.

What if I don't  follow the guidance?

The Seraphic Guides are Unconditionally Loving. They respect our free will with more grace than you can imagine. They do not take it personally if we choose a different path than their recommendation. There are no rights and wrongs, merely different paths and experiences.
Seraphic Guidance
I Ching Reading
Terms and Conditions:

For LEGAL purposes

Since we are a Professional Group helping thousands of clients around the globe it is a MUST that we CLEARLY state Our LEGAL Policy to comply with International Law

All services are for the  purposes of entertainment only.

All clients must be at least 18 years of age. If Healing Sessions are requested for clients under 18 years of age we suggest that the Parent/Guardian ABOVE 18 years of Age will Request for the session and Pay on behalf of the Minor Client.

DhamiBoo is not a healthcare professional; he does not claim to heal emotional or physical ailments and disorders nor does he make health care/medical recommendations.

It is also understood that by booking a consultation that you are agreeing to the above terms. There is a 24 hour no-cancellation policy once an appointment has been made. There are also no refunds after a service or partial service is provided.

I take full responsibility for my personal health care and decisions.

I understand that there will be no refund after the service of a consultation has been given or a booking has been made.

By contracting to and agreeing to these services, I acknowledge that I understand and comply with these terms and conditions.

Psychic Clearing & Cord-cutting

Spirit Liberation ($18.88)  also known as cord-cutting and psychic vacuuming, this session liberates you from fears and attachments so that you can be Empowered  fully in your Highest Spirit on Your Divine Path. The session combines the Angelic assistance of Archangel Michael and a special Reiki tool from my lineage in clearing all fear based cords of attachment between you and your universe, including relationships with material things, people, spirits, and all beings.  As we go through life, we sometimes make attachments based on fear and conditional love, rather than Trust, Empowerment, and Unconditional Love. This session eliminates the fear basis and attachment from our relationships, replacing it with Unconditional Love, Empowerment, and Non-attachment. Life happens and it is somewhat natural for us to continually make new attachments and rejoin old cords. After this session, old cords never come back as strong. With daily practice of affirming Trust, Unconditional Love, and Empowerment, you can maintain your clear state... when you need a reminder or boost, you can get another session. (daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal packages are available).   Daily, $365/year at a time you specify. Weekly for one month ($64.64), for 3 months ($144.44).  weekly for one year ($222.22).  Monthly for one year ($144.44). Seasonal package 4 sessions per year on each Equinox and Solstice ($64.64)  You can choose the exact time and day you receive the transmission.

Seraphic Guidance Sessions

Angel Light Blast is a short session (20 minutes) of angel light work provided in combination with a reading to help you clear blocks BE Present with clarity and courage to move along you Life Purpose with regards to the situation(s) you inquire about in your reading. See the offerings  below for pricing.

Single Simple Card Reading via email ($8.88) A single issue and single card reading to access seraphic wisdom regarding your life. (combined with Angel Light Blast $11.11)

Single Issue Full Reading via email ($14.44). A reading of past, present, and future with regard to a single issue or concern in your life (combined with Angel Light Blast $18.88)

General Reading via email (33.33) Wisdom from the Ascended Masters and Angels regarding your Life Purpose, Career, Romance, Friends/Family, Health, and Abundance and past, present, and futures of each area of your life. (combine with Angel Light Blast $44.44)

Five Question  Reading via email ($33.33)  any five questions you have regarding your life. (Combined with Angel Light Blast $44.44)

Live Reading and Lightwork via Skype ($33.33/30 minutes or $55.55/60 minutes). Receive live guidance via Skype chat along with transmissions of transformational lightwork from the Angels.
Angel Transformation Sessions

Laughing Buddha Blast ($33.33). This session connects you with the energy of the Laughing Buddha and assists you in finding the joy and humor in your life.

Boddhi Tree Enlightenment Blast ($33.33). This session connects you with the wisdom and clarity of the Boddhi Tree that catalyzed Buddha’s Enlightenment. Helpful for clearly seeing your divine purpose and cutting through the confusion of the ego.

Ganesha Blast ($33.33). Remove obstacles to a goal, project, or intention with the help of Ganesha. Good for when you feel blocked or when you want to clear the way for a new project or way of BEing.

Groove Master Blast ($33.33).  Gets you aligned, balanced, and in your groove of feeling good and groovy in the unique and Divine Path which is the expression of You! with the help of Serapis Bey and your Highest Self. 

Life Purpose Ascension Blast ($42.24). This transmission of energies, light and guidance aligns and motives you with your own Divine Path in Life.It clarifies your mind and motives you to BE Your Divine Self and do what it is you have incarnated to do in this lifetime. This session includes basic cord cutting and psychic vacuuming as described in the basic Spirit Liberation session above. It also includes Ganesha's help in removing obstacles, Micheal's help in removing fears and unifying you in BEing your Life Purpose.

Akashic Ascension Blast ($44.44). When it's time for major healing and change in your Life Path and Akashic Records, this session helps you move through major blocks and make major changes in your Path. Includes Spirit Liberation.

Angel Light Transformation Session ($44.44). In this session, we channel the healing and unconditionally loving energies of the Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters to help you transcend specific challenges in your life on any level: emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. This session includes basic cord cutting and psychic vacuuming as described in the basic Spirit Liberation session above.

Seraphic Attunement ($66.24). An energetic attunement to attune you to your own gifts in communicating with your Guardian Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters. This session also includes basic cord cutting and psychic vacuuming as described in the basic Spirit Liberation session above.

I Ching Readings

The I Ching Reading channels guidance from the Chinese Ascended Masters of Divination. The I Ching oracle is useful in exploring options in your life to see how they flow with the Tao. These readings are done via email and include a free Angel Light Blast.
Spirit Liberation, Cleansing and Shielding ($44.44). As above, and includes energetic transformation to cleanse your body of toxins and shield it against perceived toxins on all levels. Also attunes you to the everchanging vibrational frequency of the Earth.
Space Clearing ($22.22/room) This is essentially a Spirit Liberation for your home, room, apartment, office. It clears all fear based attachments as well as toxic energies. Note that you need to do your part in cleaning, decluttering, and reorganizing to assist and maintain the enlightened vibration. (with Guidance regarding cord locations  and sources $33.33/room). Please contact me for custom packages for multiple rooms, properties, etc.

Space Clearing with Shielding ($33.33/room) This is a space clearing enhanced with energetic shielding and protection against negative and toxic energies such as radiations and electromagnetic frequencies.  (with Guidance regarding cord locations and sources $44.44/room). Please contact me for custom packages for multiple rooms, properties, etc.

Spirit Liberation with Guidance ($22.22) Same as above with channeled guidance about the nature of your psychic cords regarding their placement on your body/spirit and the nature of their source. Daily clearing with bi-weekly Guidance ($444.44/year). Weekly for one month with weekly guidance ($77.77).  Weekly for one year with bi-weekly guidance ($333.33). Monthly for one year with monthly guidance ($222.22). Seasonal Package, 4 sessions per year with guidance ($77.77).
Simple One Situation I Ching Reading ($11.11)
Two Option  I Ching Reading ($18.88)  
Three Option I Ching Reading ($27.77)  
Five Option I Ching Reading ($44.44)