Intuitive Energy Medicine (IEM), developed by Suzanne Louise (see Links page), is a complete healing package that brings balance at the cellular level by setting into motion the release of all tensions and imbalance. The treatment educates you about finding balance in your life. Once old patterns are released, your body heals itself. 

Intuitive, because we access your body's intelligence through muscle testing (kinesiology) to awaken your intuition about the source of imbalance in your life--physical, social, emotional, social, food, genetic, and/or hereditary factors.

Energy, because we work on the Einsteinian principle that matter is energy, and, as a field of energy, your body can be balanced and healed at the energetic level.

Medicine, because your body has the capacity to heal itself. 98% of the atoms in your body are renewed each year; most, every six weeks. So, once old patterns are released , you can heal yourself. I teach you simple exercises to keep your immune system running at 100%.

The complete IEM treatment provides a complete release of tensions and traumas at the cellular level. It begins with an intake form in which you note all the previous physical, emotional, and mental traumas of your life. Then we use kinesiology (muscle testing) to tap into your intuition and the innate wisdom of your body to identify the root causes (social, physical, emotional, genetic,...) of any imbalance in your body. Then, the treatment, a combination of harmonics, color, guided meditation, and focused intention, sets in motion the release of those causes at the cellular level so that your body can heal itself in order of priority. Part of the treatment includes teaching you simple exercises that balance your energy and enhance your immune system. The treatment also helps protect you from harmful electromagnetic interference and radiation.

What I like about IEM is it thoroughly covers all aspects of you physical, emotional, and spiritual balancing at one time: from cellular trauma and digestive enzymes to chakras and past lives.... and most everything in between. The other aspect that excites me with IEM is we learn how easy it is to ask your body to come into balance. One time I did the IEM protocol for releasing chemical toxins on a friend who's anti depressant medications were not working for him. When I asked his body to release the toxins, his body started shaking convulsively. We later did the full IEM treatment on him, and he totally shifted out of his depression.

IEM differs from other modalities because, excepting extreme circumstances, only one session is required (a recheck appointment for 4-6 weeks later is included with the full IEM treatment). The body then comes into balance in order of priority, gently releasing accumulated toxins (both physical and emotional) over time.


The complete treatment takes 2 hours, include comprehensive intake of your history, complete kinesiological assessment of all imbalances, and a thorough energy treatment to release all the imbalances and traumas. You also learn simple excercises to maintain your energy balance and enhance your immune system. A free 30 minute recheck appointment is included in the $250 price. The session can be done in person and via distance.


A introductory session to IEM, this includes a brief assessment, and treatment to bring the immune system into balance. Click here for details.


I also provide training in Basic Self-Healing, a good course for your own self healing and a pre-requisite for IEM practitioner training with Suzanne Louise.

The Basic Class teaches you the basic principles of self care for your energetic body including: energy balancing exercises, DNA reprogramming, pyschological stress release, neuro-lymphatic massage points for pain relief, balancing your energy meridians, and a basic IEM mini-treatment you can use on yourself, friends, and pets. 

The Basic Class costs $200 and takes 3 hours.