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Erotic Reiki


This a special training of Reiki for anyone interested in getting more in touch with their own sexuality, and those interested in being an erotic healer for themself, their lover(s), or for others. Whether you are an escort, masseuse, love sex, or would like to get more in touch with your erotic self this is for you!  Men, women, and transgendered individuals are all welcome to take this training. All sexual orientations are also welcome to take this training. The attunements work towards your own, unique highest good, whether that is celibacy, monogamy, or polyamory.

It will boost your Reiki powers and attune your erotic body as a channel of Reiki.


Traditionally, Reiki is a healing modality that operates on the principle of channeling healing energy through the hands. In this special training, I will activate your body so that the healing Reiki energies can be channeled through other parts of your body as well. Specifically, I will attune your sexual organs as channels of unconditional love, joy, and thereby healing so that you can use them to channel Reiki energies for healing.

The benefits of this are twofold. One, it will activate a healing of your erotic self. And, two, it will transform your erotic actions into more powerful healing rituals--helping you blossom into your own divine expression of eroticism and helping yourself and others heal in the process. The attunement works according to your highest spirit and your sexual expression, whether that is with yourself, with a partner, or with many partners. It is about reclaiming your body and your spirit into the ectasy of unconditional love and enjoyment of the physical form.


The training is non-sexual. It is open to all sexes and orientations. You must have prior training and experience in Reiki I. The class consists of discussion and presentation of the history and concepts of Erotic Reiki I, specific techniques and tools, and an attunement. The attunement is a enegetic realignment of your energy field to claim your sexual empowerment and health and allow you to channel Reiki energies through your erotic body.

I teach individually and in groups.


Erotic Energywork training
-sexual healing
-unconditional love
-tools for self-care
-attunement of your erotic body to channel Reiki


This class continues the Erotic Reiki I training to attune your entire layer of skin as a conduit of Reiki and healing energies. Class topics include sexual empowerment and health and belief systems for sexual wellness. Prequsites are experience and certificates in Reiki I, Reiki II, and Erotic Reiki I.


This class continues the Erotic Reiki I training to attune your internal cells and organs as a conduit of Reiki and healing energies. Class topics include sexual empowerment and health and belief systems for sexual wellness. Prequsites are experience and certificates in Reiki I, Reiki II, Erotic Reiki I, and Erotic Reiki II.


I can also teach any level and attune you to any level of Erotic Reiki via distance. I can send you a class manual by snail mail, or electronically. You then read the manual, and we go over any questions by phone, mail, or email. Then we pick a time for you to receive your attunement via distance. And I mail or electronically send you a certificate.


Our bodies and sexuality are divine. Culturally we have been traditionally taught that certain parts of our bodies are shameful. This is just one story, one reality, and one way of looking at things. What I believe and what I teach is the story and reality of sexual empowerment and healing. I bless you with the reality of sexually transmitted love and joy and healing. I bless you that every molecule of your body is divine and transmitts only unconditional love, joy, and healing.

When we look at our sexual life in terms of a healing modality and in terms of unconditional love, we gain a lot of empowerment and joy. There is nothing shameful in your body or your sexuality except that which you put to it. When we take the story of Reiki and apply it to sexuality we see how sex can move the blocked energy that creates dis-ease on all levels. We can see how sexual energy is the creative force of the universe, catalyzing movement and interaction with others.

Orgasms can connect us and align us all the way from this physical reality (our bodies) to our highest spirit and The Source. When we orgasm with someone our souls touch and can exchange energetically in an instant complete information matrices. Once you have touched souls with another like this, you can really do no more. Energetically you have exchanged everything. You have shared the realms of unconditional love together.

Of course you can always choose to touch souls together again!  Through Orgasm we connect to the creative force of our highest spirit and the universe which evolves from our consciousness. Simultaneous orgasm with another allows both partners world to recreate. their two realities. Intention put behind this is very powerful sex magic. Some call orgasm "the little death"... it is for this reason, because we touch the void between that which moves moves. We touch that void between realities and we have the choice as to which reality to come forward to. So if you set an intention and use sex as the ritual to integrate that intention, you have some very powerful sex magic.

In my own life, I have seen how dating and courtship have created growth and healing amongst me and my partners. What I have learned is that the energy and vibration of ecstasy that we often associate with conditional love, soulmates, and marriage, is really two things: (1)being in the state of allowing ourselves and others to receive the vibration of love, and (2) the flux of moving energy as it creates healing. This is very similar to the states produced in a traditional non-sexual Reiki treatment.

One of my dates, catalyzed a powerful orgasm within me that left me feeling the energy of trees and people. This is how I got into Reiki. My partner was not in a place to be my boyfriend, as I thought that the powerful orgasm shared might indicate. Another time a powerful connection brought me into a place of reintroducing a recently seroconverted HIV+ man to enjoying his sexuality after he had sworn off sex after his seroconversion.

These experiences combined with my growing practice of Reiki helped me develop Erotic Reiki so that I can teach and attune others to enjoy their bodies, reclaiming their sexuality and seeing the power of erotic energy in healing on all levels.

I currently teach and attune people to three levels of Erotic Reiki. The first level attunes the genitals, anal area, breasts, and mouth as channels of Reiki. The second level attunes the entire layer of skin as a conduit of Reiki. And the third level attunes all the internal cells and organs.

Get in touch with your erotic self...
Release sexual traumas...
Gain confidence...
Receive initiation as a sexual healer...
Increase your sensitivity...
Feel the Present Moment...


Erotic Reiki Training
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May you be sexually whole and healthy, celebrating your body and enjoying it according to your Divine Will, in Unconditional Love, Joy, Empowerment, Abundance, and Fun!

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