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Aromatherapy. A relaxation and healing modality employing aromas of different herbs to align a person's energyfield.

Attunement. Alignment of the the energyfield, in this case, to channel Reiki energy. It is done is a specific ritual by a Reiki Master for the Reiki student to open the student to channeling the various levels of Reiki.

Aura. The subtle energy field extending around and associated with the body.

Chakra. A major energy center of the body associated with certain organs, stages of personal growth, and the aura. Traditionally, there are 7 chakras: 1) the root chakra, 2) the sacral chakra, 3) the solar plexus chakra, 4) the heart chakra, 5) the throat chakra, 6) the third eye chakra, and 7) the crown chakra. I work with an additional five main chakras for a total of twelve: 8) probable realities/astral plane, 9) possible realities and higher self, 10) the truth beyond the illusion that we experience, 11) soul and spirit, 12) personal relationship with God/All/Universe/Goddess. There are other systems such as the Egyptian system of 13 chakras from head to crown.

Chakra Balancing. The process of  re-energizing each chakra to it's full potential and power. Usually results in a feeling grounded, peaceful, empowerment.

DhamiBoo. (rhymes with mommy boo). My radical faerie name or nickname. I took it as a vision for me to grow into. It has a nice ring to it!

DNA Reprogramming. A non-invasive procedure of affirmation to change cellular memory by activating certain meridians and thereby affirm new pattern. A powerful affirmation technique.

Einsteinian Medicine. Healing modalities that work on Einstein's principles that show that matter is energy. As such, matter is influenced by other fields of energy.

Empowerment. The state of consciously embracing your responsibility and omnipotence in creating reality.

Energyfield. The body and aura combined as an energy representation of a person.

Energy Imprinting. Reconfiguring or adding a new energy blueprint for a particular ability. Similar to attunement.

Energy Medicine. See Einsteinian Medicine.

Energywork. Any of several bodywork/healing modalities that works based on energy manipulation as opposed to physical manipulation (as in massage or surgery). Energywork is based on Einstein's discovery that physical matter is also merely patterns of energy.

Faerie. 1. Short for Radical Faerie. 2. A magical being of the land that appears at just the right time on your life journey with just the right message.

Higher Self. The part of each of us that knows the truths in this reality, detached from whimsical worldly emotions and notions.

Intuitive Energy Medicine (IEM). A healing modality developed by Suzanne Louise (http://www.int-energy-med.com) based on her work with Sir Brian Jenner, Carolyn Myss, and Norm Shealy. It includes complete assessment of your energyfield with kinesiology to determine the cause of your imbalances, and a thorough rebalancing at the cellular level.

Kinesiology. Also known as Muscle Testing. A method of communicating with the body on an energetic level that accesses cellular memory. Kinesiology can be done in person and by distance. You can also do it to yourself. Useful in selecting foods and herbs that resonate with your body. Also, for assessing your immune system and causes of any imbalances.

Laying of hands. A genre of bodywork that is done by simply laying the hands on a person without pressure or physical manipulation.

Laying of stones. The process of  laying small stones, rocks, or crystals  (such as quartz crystals, amethysts, pyrites, etc.) on the body to promote relaxation and healing. Each stone has a different vibration that can affect a person's energyfield.

Muscle Testing. Also known as kinesiology. A method of communicating with the body on an energetic level that accesses cellular memory. The communication is based on muscle strength as measure by resistance to gentle force.

Radical Faerie. A person who identifies with the Radical Faeries, a queer subculture or tribe, non-hierchacal in nature, that celebrates the unique empowerment of each individual on their life's journey.

Who are the Radical Faeries by Author Unknown
We are a network of faggot farmers, workers, artists, drag queens, political activists, witches, magickians, rural and urban dwellers who see gays and lesbians as a distinct and separate people.

We believe that as a People we have unique and necessary contributions to make, ones that we must make to help regain the lost balance of the larger Human community here on the planet.

Being radically (at the root) decentralist and anti-authoritarian, we have no leaders. Each Faerie is Devine and speaks for herself.

We join together with each other in mutual aid and love for play, work, self-discovery, and nurturing. To be a Faerie is an act of self-definition and while we have no dogma, there are common visions which we share and celebrate. Some of these are: a belief in the sacredness of Nature and the Earth; honoring the interconnectedness of spirit, sex, politic, and culture; an understanding that each one of us has our own Path (or Paths) which leads to the Garden of Who We Are and, by uniting with each other in Circles, Gatherings, and Sanctuaries, we can increase the joy of Weeding and Tending our Gardens together; a commitment to the process of group consensus; and a belief that we are each other. 

As Faeries we share a view of the world in which the dualities of "either/or", "minority/majority" thinking are dissolved in the experience of "both/and", I Am You ways of thinking and being. 

If this form of Gay consciousness interests you, [contact DhamiBoo].

Blessed Be.

Reiki. A Japaneses laying-of-hands energywork modality in which Universal Life Force Energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands to promote healing.

Reiki Master. A person who has completed training in all three levels of Reiki and has learned how to pass Reiki attunements. Usually, this is someone truly devoted to Reiki.

Ritual. An event or process to create, integrate, and/or celebrate  transition and growth. "A dance with Spirit " (Malidoma Some).

Shaman. One who works with natural energies and spirits to promote spiritual and physical healing. One who is able to shift realities. One who realizes that reality is an illusion... a dream ... and who consciously chooses which dream to be in in a given moment.

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