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Just for today,
       let go of worry,
              let go of anger,
                     live fully,
                           be kind,
                                and be thankful !


Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy and can also be thought of as Unconditional Love. Reiki is a traditional Japanese laying-of-hands technique. During a treatment, the Reiki practitioner channels Reiki energy through their hands into your body and aura. Your higher-self guides the energy where it is needed to balance energy fields, relieve stress, and facilitate healing to achieve highest possible good. Reiki can never do any harm; if it is unwanted, it just goes back to the earth. Reiki works simultaneously on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. My clients often report feeling as if they are in a warm, loving cacoon and a feeling of deep inner peace. Often they fall into a trance or dream-state having visions of what they are letting go of or clarity about changes they need to make in their life for healing. Healing is often instantaneous.

Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki in the late 1800's after receiving the Reiki energy in a vision-quest. Reiki was given to him as an answer to his search for the healing secrets of the Ancients. Reiki mimics healing techniques from Tibet and Egypt, and is purported to be the same energy that Christ and Buddha used in laying of hands.


I provide custom sessions to meet your needs and goals using Reiki, FaeryLight, Energy Medicine and other tools of the neo-shaman.

Typical goals for the ritual session include:

Relaxation: a general balancing of your energy fields at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Dis-ease Transcendance: learning from and letting go of a specific dis-ease (injury, cold symptoms, spinal mis-alignment, arthiritis, etc...).

Trauma Transcendance: letting go of emotional trauma and issues (rape, sexual issues, rough transitions, broken heart, etc...).

Transition Support: letting go of unwanted patterns to create new ways of being (depression, lifestyle change, relationship evolution, moving, etc...).

During the ritual we work with your higher self to help you take the next step in your personal evolution so you can transform into new ways of  being. Reiki works directly at the source of the "problem" at an energetic level, circumventing the cumbersome mental process that often bogs us down with limitations and attachments. You will find yourself being how you want to be instead of figuring out why you aren't. I can provide you with tools and techniques to help you maintain your glowing balance at home.

I often combine Reiki with other tools from Intuitive Energy Medicine, FaeryLight, and Kinesiology. Typical components of most sessions include chakra balancing, trauma release, structural alignment, and immune system enhancement.

A blast from the past...

Feel the tingling heat of Reiki flow through your body, chakra, by chakra. The gourd-rattle shakes loose unwanted energies and traumas. Sage smoke carries them away. As you meditate on tranformation, healing, and relaxation, your higher-self directs the Reiki-shaman on how to shift healing energies precisely where you need them. The Reiki-shaman guides the energy of the Ancients, the life force of the ages, vital energy of  of trees, rocks, and flowers, through your aura and body, enhancing the glow and balance of your own vital life-force. Precious stones, such as quartz crystals, amethysts, and pyrites, lend their magic energies to help balance your aura. You drift into a deep state of relaxation and deep inner peace -- perhaps into a trance. You may see visions of what you need to "let go of" to achieve your desired transformation towards your highest possible good. You feel the deep loving warmth of the Universe in a "cacoon" of unconditional love.

...bringing you to The Present !


I also provide training in Reiki for professional or personal use--see index/button for Reiki Training.

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