Artist Statement: DhamiBoo
Farmer, hooker, healer, fag. Diverse, that’s me. I grew up in the suburbs. After completing graduate school, I sold my car and bought a horse, buggy, and plow. I farmed with my horse Emma for seven years. Then, I came out as a gay man in San Francisco. After a few years, I followed another dream and was a hooker. Powerful sexual experiences awakened healing skills within me, and I currently teach and practice Reiki and Intuitive Energy Medicine nationwide empowering others to find healing and joy. I started painting with watercolor in January 2001 to illustrate some of my life experience and spirituality. My artwork celebrates the connection to Spirit that I’ve found in my diverse experiences, from sex and penises to farming and horses (often, with a sense of humor).  I hope it liberates others to find joy and empowerment in being themselves. Blessings.