Dhami Boo - Published

where everything is either phallic or godly if you look at it right


Seven Haiku. Sunlight on Ice. Edited by JM Reinbold and Maria Masington. 2016. Written Remains Writer's Guild/Cicada's Cry. Wilmington, DE.

"A Closet Full of Gifts". Essay in RFD Magazine (Issue 162, Summer 2015).

"When All Else Fails, Try a Happy Ending". Short story in RFD Magazine (Issue 150, Summer 2012).

"Unconditional Love at Beck's", a tale of anal enlightenment in David Henry Sterry and R.J.Martin Jr.'s Tricks, Johns, Marks, and Chicken Hawks, Soft Skull Press. (published sans contract anonymously by mistake of the editors/publisher).

"Creating Your Ad for Better Business". Essay. Occupational Health & Safety Handbook. Edited by Naomi Akers, MPH, and Cathryn Evans. St. James Infirmary.

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