Dhami Boo - Published

where everything is either phallic or godly if you look at it right


"Dreaming my own death". Haiku selected for a contest winner in All Out Monster Revolt. November 2017. Volume 2, Issue 8.

Seven Haiku. Sunlight on Ice. Edited by JM Reinbold and Maria Masington. 2016. Written Remains Writer's Guild/Cicada's Cry. Wilmington, DE.

"A Closet Full of Gifts". Essay in RFD Magazine (Issue 162, Summer 2015).

"When All Else Fails, Try a Happy Ending". Short story in RFD Magazine (Issue 150, Summer 2012).

"Unconditional Love at Beck's", a tale of anal enlightenment in David Henry Sterry and R.J.Martin Jr.'s Tricks, Johns, Marks, and Chicken Hawks, Soft Skull Press. (published sans contract anonymously by mistake of the editors/publisher).

"Creating Your Ad for Better Business". Essay. Occupational Health & Safety Handbook. Edited by Naomi Akers, MPH, and Cathryn Evans. St. James Infirmary.

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