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Welcome to the world of Dhamiboo: writer, author, artist, performer, and healer in the arts of Reiki, Erotic Reiki, Angel work, and Intuitive Energy Medicine.

My website is under massive reconstruction. Please be patient.

I am currently nomadic, somewhat based in Thailand. Please disregard the phone number. Email is the best way to contact me. 
Dhami Boo writes prose, poetry, and flash, largely in the styles of literary humor and memoir. His themes run from metaphysical healing to travel and last night's date.  He performs at open mics around the world and often accompanies himself on the mouth harp. His work has been published in RFD Magazine as well as an anthology on sex workers. Click here to learn more. 
Dhami Boo has been practicing Reiki and other forms of energy work since 1999. He teaches Reiki and Erotic Reiki as well as provides sessions worldwide. Currently, he is primarily available for distance trainings and sessions via internet. Click here to learn more. 
Dhami Boo primarily performs jaw harp and mouth harp music, often to accompany his literary open mic performances. He's also been known to perform in a few porn films. At the moment, that's all there is to it. ;-)
Dhami Boo paints and draws, primarily in the form of watercolor, although pencil and pen, and acrylics have occasionally surfaced. Much of his previous work was lost in storage hyperspace, and, most current work is in the travel journal sketchbook. Online is mostly an archive of older pieces.
Click here to learn more. 
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