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Step into the void of ecstatic bliss and touch the face of your inner God/Goddess....
Your body is the divine physical expression of your soul in this lifetime. By celebrating and receiving love through it, you can access the divine vibration of unconditional love, and find a place to relax, heal, and enjoy. Erotic energy work is one way to access this ecstatic state. Really, if we remember, we can choose to be in the pattern of divine ecstasy whenever we wish. As a healer, I merely hold space for you to access what is already there.
Erotic Reiki Sessions:
I offer sexual healing sessions in three formats:
1) standard energywork session,
2) erotic reiki massage,
3) and tantric Reiki.
These sessions align you with your unique highest Spirit and multidimensional way of being, remove blocks, and and fully connect you to your body... all in a vibration of unconditional love.
The standard energywork session is completely clothed and is merely a standard Reiki session with the intention of realigning some part of your sexuality. I can also offer these sessions via distance.
The Erotic Reiki Massage is performed fully nude, and consists of a combination of Reiki and sensual touch to remove sexual blocks. Generally, I incorporate elements of taoist erotic massage to bring you to a full body orgasm, and I use my whole body to channel Reiki. This format is not much about mutual touch; it is me working on you and celebrating your body.
In a Tantric Reiki Session, full body contact and full nudity are allowed with reciprical body contact.
Before we start any session, we will discuss options and limits, and throughout the session you are encouraged to communicate what works and what might work better, and I will do the same. This is a safe space for you to explore what works for you!
Although this is highly fun and relaxing, I generally encourage clients to set an intention of healing for the session. Your intention might be anything from relaxation to sexual confidence, or healing a cyst to sexual potency. Erotic energy is a potent healing modality. I like to use it as such, as well as enjoy the fun!

I also offer live webcam shows at $30/half hour.

And Reiki sessions via distance.

Standard energy work session:  $50/ half hour increment. Depending on your location, there may be a minimum to cover my travel costs.
Erotic Reiki Massage:               $120/h or $150/1.5h*
Tantric Mutual Touch                $200/h or $250/1.5h*
* depending on your location, there may be an additional travel fee.
Please note, reduced rates are available for those who cannot afford the suggested rates. My fees are set to honor your intention, and honor my time, but they are not meant to impede you from your healing and joy. Please explain your circumstance and your intention and make me a reasonable offer if you feel my standard rates are too high.
Location and Setting:
Outcalls preferred at your place; I may be able to host at times. I do not bring a table. Please email for availability.
I prefer email requests, complete with your stats and description and a picture, and a brief description of what you would like. You may also inquire by phone. Appointments are available at a variety of times. Please be prepared to tell me a little about yourself and what your intention is in seeing me for a session.
About Me:
I have been celebrating my sexuality for over ten years, and enjoying the magic of Reiki and energywork for over seven years. I love sex and see it as a divine celebration of life, as well as a healing modality in it's own right. I once had an orgasm that left me feeling energy from trees and people.
I offer energywork sessions to help empower people on the path to unconditional joy, love, and empowerement. I enjoy dancing in the realm of energy flow.
Statistically, I am a boyish 43 yo, 6', 150# with nice blue eyes and a  hairy torso. I have a nosering and bridge piercing. I am hiv- and play safely.
My Philosophy:
Reiki is a Japanese energywork modaility in which life force and unconditional love are channeled through the practitioner's hands to promote wellness. In erotic Reiki, I channel Reiki energy through my entire body.
I love sex. Sex is divine. By celebrating your sexuality, you celebrate your body and honor spirit. I offer these modes of sexual healing sessions to help you achieve balance and comfort in celebrating your body and your sexuality, whatever that means to you. And I enjoy playing in these sexual realms as well!
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