Erotic Art Work by DhamiBoo
Through Orgasm We Touch the Face of God,  July 2002. Watercolor, pencil, pen, titanium white, aquapasto,  gold gouache on cotton paper, 18x12in.

In the only episode of Queer as Folk that I ever saw, a young man describes his first sexual experience with a man: "It was like touching the face of God!" I love that description and it resonates with my experience of sex as a sometimes casual, but always spiritual experience. This painting is in part based on my experience being filmed on the set of the legendary video, Suck Fest 276 (Kink Video). 1,2. My experience "acting" on the set as an "oral bottom" kept me in orgasmic touch with God and Goddess most of the day as I "worked" with five faerie brothers that I love dearly. Full body orgasms are for me a deeply profound Spiritual experience grounding me with the Spirit of Earth and Heaven honoring the human form as sacred vessels.

In Through Orgasm We Touch the Face of God, four men/Gods celebrate themselves in simultaneous orgasm against the backdrop of the cosmos, beyond time and space.  The Sun God, Inti, bears the center of attention and represents the God(dess) within us all. Inti may have come from above, or, perhaps his lovers see the Godliness in him as they make love with him. The planetary imagery shows the primal connection of sexuality throughout creation, from the soil to the cosmos.  The title is a bit "tongue in cheek" in that God's ass is being touched. In part humor, but also showing that every part of our body is God(dess) -given and divine.

I hope this inspires you to connect with Spirit in divine orgasm and celebrate creation through your body: alone; monogamously coupled; single, but dating several;  orgy-astically, or "other"! Peace!


1.  If you haven't seen this classic yet, don't wait for it to come to Imax; run out to your nearest video store and ask for it by name.
2.  Please note that the faces, bodies, colors, piercings, tattoos, positions, and penises have been changed to protect the innocent.