Erotic Art Work by DhamiBoo
Hijacked,  2001. Mixed watercolor media and bodycolors, pencil, pen, on paper. 10x8in.

Hijacked is my response to the Associated Press release of a photo of a soldier with a bomb graffittied "HIGH JACK [sic] THIS FAGS".  (see ) The photo was released as a patriotic piece rather than as a story about bigotry and intolerance in the services. Many papers actually published it as a "patriotic" piece! The Associated Press quietly withdrew the released picture after they received complaints. In Hijacked, I depict my vision of what would happen if fags followed the graffitied instructions and hijacked the bomb. My vision includes transforming the bomb into an instrument of love. If fags like this hijacked bombs, the world would be a peaceful place! I believe in Peace, Sex, Christ, Buddha, America, and Freedom. Having loved men of many races, nationalities, and socio-economic-political-religious groups, war is absurd to me. By the way, I don't consider my painting obscene. What's obscene to me is killing, bombing, murdering, destruction, and carnage. Is it any wonder our country is at war when god-given bodies and love are hidden in shame, while hate, violence, murder, and gore are freely and copiously expressed? And could we not better create world democracy by being democratic in the world?  Justice, by being judicious? And, peace, by being peaceful?